Published November 18th, 2014 by

Why PET Home Brewing Bottles Are Right For You

For any home brewer out there, brewing bottles can not only be cumbersome and heavy, but also tend to shatter.This is not the case with the invention of the durable plastic bottles (PET). Below are some of the benefits of having durable plastic bottles in your beer making kit.

First, they are light in weight. Many times traditional glass bottles tend to weigh your beer kit down. However, this is not the case if you intend to carry the home brews for a picnic. These plastic bottles are by far more lighter, so having as many as you like in your gift basket will not be an issue. They do not crash on to each other, thus breaking and soaking the rest of your food.

Durable plastic bottles are also shatterproof and less expensive. Glass brew bottles are normally pricey. However, if you do choose a reusable glass bottle, we recommend our friends at for the best prices. The real pinch comes when you lose the bottles as a result of breakage. If you have glass bottles in your beer making kit, the breaking is inevitable. However, for these plastic bottles there will be no more breakage. With this in mind, you will not need to keep on buying new bottles every now and then. In other words, these beer bottles are economical.

In case you are questioning the reusability of these plastic bottles, they can also be reused. Just like glass bottles, these plastic bottles are no different. Bear in mind that you will not only damage these plastics but also reusing the same bottles for other home brews. This is definitely the efficient way.  Moreover, plastic bottles are a nice addition to any home brew kit.