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A Paleo Diet has been found to be very good for you. It has also been proven as a great diet for athletes such as Crossfit participants. A Paleo program is not only beneficial, but the better you adhere to it, the more you see in strength and endurance gains. In other words, the benefits are noticeable.

Crossfit and Paleo almost seem to be made for each other. These athletes not only are driven to become stronger and healthier, but also have little difficulty learning and sticking to a Paleo diet. The benefits of a Paleo Diet are tremendous and take very little time to notice.


Just like the mention of the word “Crossfit”, the word Paleo strikes fear into the mind of many average Americans. Crossfit is almost a religion (I use that term loosely) and a Paleo Diet can become a bit of an obsession. What I mean by this is, both Crossfit and Paleo are easy to become addicted to because of the quick and obvious gains.


I would like to touch on a quick explanation of exactly what is Crossfit and what is a Paleo Diet. Crossfit is continuously changing functional movements which are performed with great intensity. The  CrossFit workouts  try to include movements found in many sports or types of exercise. A Paleo Diet consists of beef, fish, chicken, vegetables, some fruit, and some nuts. If done properly, the beef is grass fed without hormones and the rest is organic. We recommend you follow Crossfit Diet Tips on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

I hope this article cleared up a few questions you may have had regarding Crossfit and the Paleo Diet. One goes better when with the other.

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Most health problems can be treated with acupuncture as it works on all levels of the human body and psyche. That is why we chose Dr Gruba. They utilize both chiropractic and acupuncture. You can follow him on his Rapid City Chiropractor Twitter page. Below are some of the conditions that can be treated with acupuncture:

• Panic Attacks
• Digestive Problems
• Insomnia
• Headaches
• Hair loss
• Infertility
• Stress
• Back Pain
• Joint Pain
• Nausea
• Facial Enhancement
• Weight Loss

Following an acupuncture session a patient may experience fatigue or feel unnaturally tired. Sensitive people may have some form of bruising and soreness of very short duration. In certain cases there may be some form of muscle twitching present both during and after treatment. Some patients have reported a feeling of light-headedness after treatment, probably from improved blood circulation throughout the body and especially to the brain.

Acupuncture as an alternative form of treatment is generally safe when practiced by professionally trained practitioners in a clean and hygienic environment and using single-use needles. The incidence of success is relatively high especially for back pain where medication and other treatments have been unsuccessful. We recommend finding a local chiropractor who also is proficient in acupuncture. Check out  an acupuncturist in Rapid City on  Facebook.

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Why PET Home Brewing Bottles Are Right For You

For any home brewer out there, brewing bottles can not only be cumbersome and heavy, but also tend to shatter.This is not the case with the invention of the durable plastic bottles (PET). Below are some of the benefits of having durable plastic bottles in your beer making kit.

First, they are light in weight. Many times traditional glass bottles tend to weigh your beer kit down. However, this is not the case if you intend to carry the home brews for a picnic. These plastic bottles are by far more lighter, so having as many as you like in your gift basket will not be an issue. They do not crash on to each other, thus breaking and soaking the rest of your food.

Durable plastic bottles are also shatterproof and less expensive. Glass brew bottles are normally pricey. However, if you do choose a reusable glass bottle, we recommend our friends at for the best prices. The real pinch comes when you lose the bottles as a result of breakage. If you have glass bottles in your beer making kit, the breaking is inevitable. However, for these plastic bottles there will be no more breakage. With this in mind, you will not need to keep on buying new bottles every now and then. In other words, these beer bottles are economical.

In case you are questioning the reusability of these plastic bottles, they can also be reused. Just like glass bottles, these plastic bottles are no different. Bear in mind that you will not only damage these plastics but also reusing the same bottles for other home brews. This is definitely the efficient way.  Moreover, plastic bottles are a nice addition to any home brew kit.


Unhealthy Dieting Habits

The word dieting seems to have different meanings to different people. Where diet is involved, we consider the type of food, the quality, quantity, and the frequency of food intake.


Losing weight successfully is more than exercising and dieting. All you need to do is to kick out bad habits that can prevent you from losing weight or make you gain unwanted weight. You also may be prone to cellulite with poor diet habits. You can read about this at the cellulite diet. Some of the bad habits are explained below.

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals does not lead to weight loss. Instead, this habit brings about weight gain. How? The rate of metabolism in your body is slowed down and so more calories are stored since your body had been restricted to starvation mode. Besides, someone who skips a meal is likely to overeat during the next meal. So, if you have been skipping any meal with the hope of shedding a few pounds, do not expect too see a decrease in your weight any time soon.

Eat regularly to maintain good health.

Taking meals late especially at night The habit of eating late in the night encourages gaining of weight. Owing to the fact that the body is less active at night and that the rate of metabolism slows down when you are asleep, it is recommended to eat your food a couple of hours before retiring to bed. If you have to, then select only those foods that have low levels of calories.

Eating Fast

There is a likelihood of gaining additional weight if you have a habit of taking your meals very fast. Such action triggers changes in hormones which subsequently cause overeating. Moreover, one can develop problems related to digestion.

Drinking Soda

You can not cut off weight if you can not stop drinking soda. Soda contains a lot of sugar and calories that are known to cause rapid weight gain. Note that the calories have no nutritional value to the body. You may even consider supplementing your diet with green tea. It has proven cancer fighting properties also. Other bad habits that should be avoided include eating fried foods, skipping exercises and having little or too much sleep, the basics of a cellulite diet.

Unhealthy Dieting Habits